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Ringing this weekend at Old North

Hi! This weekend would be a Sunday practice, but due to a conflict 
(y'know, the whole Easter thing) there will be no practice.

There may be a quarter peal attempt (I'm assuming at this point that the 
peal attempt is kaput); we wait to hear from our fearless organizer.

But! We would *love* to have you join us at the Easter Vigil ringing on 
Saturday evening at the Advent (yes, this email is about Old North, but I 
figured I would throw in a bit about Advent). Nominally we start at 9pm; 
experience shows that actual start time may be later. If there is a social 
event beforehand, I have not yet heard of it, but I presume if someone is 
intrepid enough to realize a plan, there may be takers. Or maybe not, 
given that we are *really* short of ringers for the vigil.

Again, we are *really* short of vigil ringers, so if you feel like doing 
your Christian Duty (or Ringers Duty, or just help out), we'd love to have 

Service ringing is, I believe, at the Advent as normal (someone should 
correct me if I'm wrong?). And stay tuned for news about Old North...