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Fwd: [Chesterton-ringers] At last - Chesterton's excellence has been recognised!

A note from the Chesterton tower's master of email -- may be of interest to those of you with academic ambitions.

Begin forwarded message:

Thought you would all like to know that everyone on Chesterton mailing list has been nominated for a PhD.  Presumably this is in recognition of our excellence in the field of change ringing.  This message was sent to the mailing list but sadly didn't get though our filters:

tami huff autoquote nl wrote:
Subject: Re[2]: A call for nomination: Ph.D
To improve your resume and to increase the salary twice? At you a huge operational experience and you are able much? Confirm your ability with the diploma, call us today. It is your Chance
There are no long years of study, there are no examinations... You are helped by your experience. Bachelors, Masters, MBA and/or Doctorate (PhD)

So congratulations everyone.  Didn't say which university though.
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