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Superbowl tea party at your house

Who:    You.
What:   Twelfth Annual Superbowl Tea Not-a-Party
Where:  Your house, or wherever you want.
When:   Hey, right now!
Why:    Just because I'm not having a tea party doesn't mean you can't!
How:    Enjoy a cup of tea while watching the commercials.

 1) You're really not having a tea party this year?
        Nope.  Don't even bother showing up at the old apartment, because
        the people living there don't know you and will call the cops.
 2) Aw.
        But you can still drink tea and enjoy tastiness on your own.
 3) Yay!
        I'll be thinking of all of you, even if there is no formal party.
 4) Are you skipping this year just because you are 2000km away from
        In part.  I am also deathly ill, and do not wish to give the 
plague to anyone.
 5) Will you be watching the Superbowl anyway?
        Probably, from under a warm blanket with my cuppa.
 6) Will there be a party next year?
        If you want to visit Baton Rouge, most likely.
 7) Will be crumpets?
        Definitely not.
 8) Scones?
 9) We're coming next year!
        See you then.
10) Go Pats!
        Oh is that who's playing?

Miss you guys,
+ Richard