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Re: *next* Wednesday, 10 August, practice ends at 8pm

Hi all -

   Since I haven't heard any other plans, let's say dinner at Meadhall
in Kendall after practice.  I can call to make a reservation - please
let me know by noon tomorrow if you're coming so I can give them a
headcount!  :)
       ~ Emily

On Wed, Aug 3, 2011 at 4:31 PM, Elaine Hansen <elainemhansen gmail com> 
> There's a concert at 8pm at the church next Wednesday, 10 August.  They
> think it'd be cool to have the bells ringing
> as they arrived for the concert, but respectfully request that we not 
> ring
> on top of the concert...
> So we'll have a truncated practice next week.  I'm game to show up at 
> 6:30
> and start ringing after the
> mass ends.
> Accepting nominations for early dinner venues...
> (I don't see any indication of the concert on the church website...)
> cheers
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