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Re: Old North Ringing on Saturday 28th of May

Dear All, 

I've decided that we should cancel our practice at Old North on Saturday 
28th of May. We will still be ringing for service at both Church of the 
Advent and Old North on Sunday, and will also be hosting several visitors 
- it's looking as if it may turn out to be an fun meeting!

Best Wishes,


On May 24, 2011, at 10:43 AM, Daniel O'Donovan wrote:

> Dear All, 
> This is just a quick email to see if we can reach quorum for ringing on 
> Saturday. So far I have myself, Ricky and Danielle. Would you let me 
> know if you had plans to ring, bearing in mind that it's Memorial 
> weekend and it would be nice to have a full band for service ringing.
> Thanks, Dan
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> Daniel O'Donovan
> dan odonovan gmail com

Daniel O'Donovan
dan odonovan gmail com