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Tortoise & Hare Tea Party

We have two good reasons to celebrate. Richard ran his first marathon (and 
having done well during the race, he did move more at the pace of a turtle 
next day), and Easter is around the corner.

Please join us for tea and tea-cakes on Saturday, April 23 from 4 to 9pm 
at our
Cafe Alveslohe, 182 Highland Avenue, Apt. #2, in Somerville.

We want to thank all of you who have sent Richard positive thoughts and
encouragement during the race. And in particular, we want to thank all the
donors who have supported his fund-raising effort to help further research 
Cystic Fibrosis. Richard greatly appreciates your generosity and 
Please stop by to share marathon stories or to simply to socialize and 
some good food.

Since the Easter hare will not quite have arrived yet where our
marathon-experienced tortoise is long waiting, we will prepare a not quite
egg-shaped delicacy: Fuetten, sometimes called Foertchen. These wonderfully
moist, puffy, and just slightly sweet dough balls are one of the best-kept
secrets of Northern German cuisine. In fact, it remains so well kept that
virtually no one South or East of the river Elbe has ever heard of them and
even within Gundela's beautiful home state of Schleswig-Holstein very few
people are receptive to the culinary treasures of a cuisine without any
national, not to speak of international, recognition.

Also, for those celebrating Passover, we will also endeavor to make some
Kosher-style unleavened goodness.

If you are unable to make it, we hope we can catch up with you another 

Gundela and Richard


(1) Wait!? It is April already and the Boston Marathon is over? I haven't 
hibernation yet because I thought we are in February. Can I still make a

Absolutely! We understand that not everyone can enjoy the privilege of 80 
spring weather as Gundela does in Louisiana. Just take your time until New
England's long arctic season is over. The fund raiser conveniently 
until August 2011. https://give.massgeneral.org/barbalace

(2) Will I have to eat GU(tm)?

Well, well... Tasting concentrated electrolyte paste certainly offers an
extraordinary experience to your taste buds. We will encourage anyone to 
try it
who wishes to fully empathize with what it is like to be a die-hard 
But, of course, we will respect any hesitation or reluctance. Alas, not
everyone is born to be marathon runner (and that even includes a member of 
Hachmann/Barbalace family).

(3) Do I have to know German in order to appreciate Fuetten?

Using the right tongue certainly helps and Richard will be more than happy 
teach bare essentials such as "Hagebuttentee" or "Konditorei", maybe even
"Eichhoernchen" for the more ambitious.

(4) Richard is having a Tea Party? Who's playing for the Superbowl?

Eeehm ... well, ...

(5) Is there going to be another one of those impossible to solve jigsaw 
where every single one of the 1000 pieces has essentially the same shade 
of pale

Disclaimer: The hosts are not responsible for any effects that occur as a 
or indirect result of any puzzle or problem solving activity during or 
after the
party. They cannot be held liable for symptoms such as torn hair, scratched
foreheads, deepened wrinkles or puzzle-solving nightmares. Gundela pledges 
do her best to keep the level of insanity at bay, but cannot give any

(6) You guys live in Somerville? When did you move?

We just moved in 3 years ago. If you have not been to our apartment, all 
more reason to come! For directions see: http://tinyurl.com/3dxslg

(7) What about crumpets?

See answer (4).

(8) What if my question has not been answered?

Our customer service representatives are never available, but we are happy 
take your call. 617.642.2838 or 857.230.9722.

(9) Gundela wrote this invitation, didn't she?

And did a pretty bang-up job, didn't she?