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Fwd: Two If By Se Event Next Monday

Hi! Is anyone free next Monday at around 7pm? I will know a bit more 
(like, for how long) shortly, but I figured I would get this out sooner 
rather than later.

I believe that I can attend.


Begin forwarded message:

> From: education oldnorth com
> Date: November 9, 2010 12:41:42 PM EST
> To: pukku mac com
> Subject: Two If By Se Event Next Monday
>  Hi Ricky,
> With the Two If By Sea event rapidly approaching next Monday, I'm 
> checking in with you to confirm that at least one of the ringers will be 
> here as a part of the ceremony.  
> If I am not mistaken, in past years it has been just one person, but Ed 
> has asked me to ask you if it would be possible to get a larger group 
> (perhaps 4?) to come and ring on that night.  I realize that this 
> request for a larger number of people is very last minute and I 
> understand if that won't work with people's schedules at this time, but 
> if it is possible it would be great to hear a combination of the bells 
> in action on that night!
> Thanks again, as always, for your help and your participation in making 
> events like this one happen!
> Yours,
> Bob Damon 
> Education Coordinator
> Old North Foundation
> 193 Salem Street
> Boston, MA 02113
> 617.523.6676 ext. 106
> www.oldnorth.org