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Re: Fwd: Very sad news about Kurt


Thanks for posting this item on Campanophile, together with this really
nice picture.


NB I hadn't known about this web site. I see that two people just did
their 1000th peal--I don't know quite what to make of this
achievement. And what was that method you suggested I look at?

2010-07-16_14:00:19-0400 Laura Dickerson <lauradi erols com>:
> Danielle Morse wrote:
> >
> >
> >(The picture is too big to go through on bcr.  Another email might go
> >through with pic attached)
> >
> >  
>  I've posted a thing about Kurt, including the photo,  in the notices 
> section at Campanophile.  It's listed (and clickable) on the home page  
> http://www.campanophile.co.uk/
>  I will also put it in the nag-talk yahoo group photo album when I post 
> the other pictures from Saturday's Groton meeting.
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