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organizing for the Groton meeting on Saturday the 10th (starting at 10 AM)

Lunch: picnic or Johnson's? http://www.johnsonsdrivein.com/ We'll need to decide ahead of time, so that food can be brought along if the decision is picnic. There is of course no reason that we couldn't eat main course food while picnicking at the school, and then go to Johnson's for ice cream. We had thought of trying for something surprise royal, but it looks iffy. People who think they could learn Yorkshire Royal, please do so, though. I'd like everybody who can ring Plain Bob on any even number to think about Little Bob Royal. Its basic structure is that the treble only hunts up to 4ths place (so you get a half-lead after only 4 changes). Treble leads are just like PB and the half-leads are plain hunt below the treble + dodges above. That's it, but it's worth spending some time looking at the line and thinking. There are jokes about bands that can ring surprise but get tripped up by Little Bob. In practice it feels like most of the bells are treble dodging most of the time. (but not all of the bells all of the time). People who ring Grandsire (any number) and/or Stedman (any number) should ponder on ringing them on 9 bells (with cover). Also think very seriously about well-struck rounds, and adequate hydration. I think these are the people currently planning to attend. The people with * are being organized into carpools from Alewife, probably. Please let me know if there are other people who need rides (or to be picked up at the train station in Ayer).
Chris Haller
Danielle *
Genni *
James  *
Laura  *
Lian  *
Mira *
Ricky *

(+6 more from Philadelphia, more or less, and one or two more from Smith)

Also remember that the Butlers et al have invited people along for their outing to Hingham later that afternoon, and that a number of people have agreed to ring for a wedding at ON at 6 PM.