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Ringnig at Groton, another opportunity to ring at Hingham

Reminder that it's only about a week until the Groton meeting (10-1, food following). My goals are SAFETY, nice rounds on 10, well-struck hunting on 10, possible touches of Grandsire and Stedman Caters. There have been requests for Yorkshire S Royal and Cambridge S Royal at the Groton meeting. As we will barely have a band (for example, I'm included, not too auspicious), we should choose one or the other. I'd appreciate it if people who think they might be able to do this would send me a vote, and then I'll announce the winner so people can study. No ringing on less than all ten bells is planned, although if someone requests something doubles we could do it with lots of covers. I'm presuming to have one or two cars leaving from Alewife a bit before 9. Are there additional drivers and/or passengers for whom some other location would be better? A group of Philadelphia ringers will be joining us at Groton. They also plan to ring at Hingham that day, beginning at 3:30, and invite others to join them. Please let me know if we need to figure out
carpools to enable that, as well.