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More weddings at Old North!

Also Saturday June 12th and Saturday July 10th, each at 6 PM. For people who are trying to figure out possible complications, June 12th is during the Dedication weekend in Orleans (also Pride, but the traffic messes should be cleared up by wedding time). July 10th is probably going to be the Groton meeting, but we should be able to be back in plenty of time for the wedding.
    Payment is available.
So, to summarize the dates currently in progress, with ringers who've let me know:
May 30th  ringers: Arrthur, Laura, Nemo, Rosalie, possible others
June 12th  (first time of asking) (not Arthur & Laura)
June 18th  Emily, Rosalie, Mira,  (not James, Arthur, Laura)
July 10th  (first time of asking)  Laura
October 16th  Laura, Dianne, Greg, Rosalie