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Re: [c-r] Stephen Ivin

>From some of the puzzled replies I've had to my forwarding this
message, it appears I should have included some explanation of why I'm
forwarding it.

While many on these lists never met him, or perhaps even heard of him,
many others have rung with Steve in the UK. In the early days of the
NAGCR he rang in several, advanced handbell peals with folks from
North America visiting the UK, and others have rung with him in
assorted locations. A number of us rang with him at several of the
towers in Oxford, where for the past few decades he made his home, and
had an enormous impact, resulting in the former eights of St Thomas
and St Mary Mag turning into two of the most active ten bell towers in
the world.

Many of the British ex-pat ringers on these lists will have rung with
him before moving to the US. They, in particular, will have some
interesting stories, particularly if they knew him in his Bedfordshire

I believe there are a fair number of folks in the above two categories
that are on these lists, and so it seemed appropriate to forward it to
them as those that knew and rang with Steve will be interested, though
saddened, to hear of his death.

Among Steve's accomplishments are ringing and calling more, and more
differently called, peals of London than anyone else; and being a well
known peal composer. Many of you will have rung his composition of
Bristol Major, which is probably one of the half-dozen most called
peals of anything, ever.

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> Stephen Ivin died late this afternoon after a long illness. Our thoughts
> are now with Avril, who nursed him for so long with such resolution.
> It was his wish that the funeral be private but there should be a
> memorial service later, so I am not expecting to have more details soon.
> They will of course be forwarded if I do.
> Peter Giles
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