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The Treasurer for the Advent Guild does not currently have as a regular duty the disbursement of funds to Campanophile.  Shall I go ahead and write that into the Treasurer's list of duties and send Campanophile some money?

Here's what Laura says:
"I think we voted to send money to Campanophile as well as the RW and 
the Clapper. Did we do it? If not, it would be timely to do so now

Here's what Dianne says:
"Campanophile has been entirely a labor of love on the part of Tony Parry and someone
else and it has been tremendously valuable to all of us for some years
at no cost to anyone but Tony.  See a recent message from Tony about a
change in his situation at http://www.campanophile.co.uk/.
 I think Laura thought that given its value to the ringing community
that the least we could do was make a contribution from the Boston
towers.  I'd be in favor of making it annual with a contribution of,
say, $50-$100.  We should probably try to get some consensus on the
amount by contacting the frequent attendees and peal ringers,


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