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Hello everybody!

Hi all,


I am very sorry for the belated nature of this email – I hadn’t really realised until today that it’s been over a week since I left Boston!  It’s very nice to be home, although Birmingham is very dreary and dark and wet and windy – so from that perspective I would like to be right back in Boston with you!!  Our house survived 2 months without me, and once I’d removed the mouldy food from the fridge and cleaned the shower (eurgh!) it felt like home once again!  Of course, it is lovely to be back with [my] James and I’m looking forward to seeing my family this weekend.  However, I am missing you all so much!  You were all very, very good to me during my trip and I have never felt more welcome.  Thank you all for being so great and doing so much for me!  J


On to the next bit I think you were expecting to read: James and I have been talking and we are seriously considering coming back over (at the moment we think it would be early 2011) for 2-3 years!  I am looking into postdoc fellowships from this end and Javier is doing the same from his.  I’m also crossing my fingers a lot too!!  The main issue would be James’ work visa…so we are talking to friends and family and contacts in the US, hoping that we might be able to sort something for him.  There is always the marriage option…!! Ahem…hmmm…yeah…!!   Anyway, yes, I have another favour to ask from you: we would really, really appreciate any input you may have to help us attempt to solve this issue. Thanks guys J


Well, I think that’s all for now.  Hope you are all well – has that cold gone yet, Danielle?!


Miss you!


Elizabeth (and James) x