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Re: Advent Guild business meeting

Hi all -

   Just a reminder that the Advent business meeting is still on for Wednesday, September 30th, 8:00pm in the ringing room.  The current agenda items are election of new members and officers, treasurer's report, and steeple-keeper's report.  This would also be a good time to pay your annual dues of $10.  The current nominations for officers are:

Tower Captain: Emily (continuing)
Ringing Master: Danielle (continuing)
Treasurer: Greg (continuing)
Secretary: Genni
NAG Rep: Mira (continuing)
Steeple Keeper: Asher (continuing)
Clapper Correspondent: Dianne
Peal Secretary: Laura (continuing)

Please send me any more nominations.  Contested elections are actually okay.  ;)  I think I have checked with all the nominees their acceptance, but if you do not wish to accept a nomination, let me know.
      ~ Emily