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Re: Emigrated Hampshire ringer

2009/3/16 John McKendry <jmckendry comcast net>:
>  You have to be careful about forwarding email that calls Hingham's
> bells "nasty", because there is one Hingham ringer on the Boston
> ringers' list. Cohasset was originally a parish of Hingham. So I
> certainly do not begrudge the Boston contingent whatever efforts they
> make to invite Ms. Eisenhauer to ring with them, but I count her a
> Hingham local and hope you all won't mind if I also get in touch with
> her and invite her to visit my tower. I could argue that we need
> competent ringers more than Boston does, but that's pretty pathetic, so
> I won't stoop to it.

My apologies. I forwarded the message without reading it thoroughly,
which was thoughtless of me. I should have caught that it was
inappropriate, and paraphrased it instead of forwarding it unchanged.


Don Morrison <dfm ringing org>
"Duty is what one expects from others; it is not what one does
oneself."              -- Oscar Wilde, _A Woman of No Importance_