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Re: Emigrated Hampshire ringer

I moved away from Boston over three years ago now, but I am forwarding
this message the mailing list the Boston ringers use so they can
"pull". I expect them to be persuasive. She sounds as if she would be
a great asset to the band. Cohasset is a relatively easy trip into

On Mon, Mar 16, 2009 at 10:40 AM, Roy Lemarechal
<roy_lemarechal uk ibm com> wrote:
> Don/Eddie,
> last September the former tower captain of Winchester cathedral, Carrie
> Eisenhauer, emigrated with her non-ringing American husband to USA. They 
> are
> living in a place called Cohasset which is just a few miles west of 
> Hingham.
> Several times she has talked about going ringing again but I don't think 
> she
> has yet tried. It may be just a case of getting over the first hurdle of
> finding out ringing times, making first contact, then coming into Boston.
> The trouble is she has always been very derogatory of her own ringing
> ability and may need a little push to get her started.
> Carrie started ringing late in life. She was one of the more mature
> millennium recruits (around 50 at the time). However, she is the best of
> those older recruits that I came across. She has rung 1/4s up to CS8, 
> YS8,
> Stedman9 and Grandsire11 and one peal (of Grandsire Caters).
> She knows that Hingham are nasty bells and that Advent and Old North are
> good and that is where I've been trying to get her to go. Rather than me
> trying to push her, I wonder if one of you might be able to pull her.
> Possibly some "one-off" occasion for which you need an extra ringer.
> I've no idea how you would find it out but her email address is
>  carriee53 aol com
> I don't know what your band is like in Boston these days but she would 
> make
> a useful addition to it. Not only a handy ringer but very sociable in the
> pub too. She was a regular visitor to Bishopstoke and on her last 
> practice
> with us she insisted on buying all the beer all evening afterwards!!
> If you do make contact with her, don't initially tell her I had any
> involvement in trying to get her back ringing.
> Hoping I find you both well.
> Regards,
> Roy LeMarechal