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upcoming ringing events

Next Thursday there will be no practice at Advent, we've canceled to
allow a quiet rehearsal space for a concert the next evening.  The
choirmaster has sent us his thanks- email below.

Also, the Melrose Anniversary party is coming up the weekend of Feb
20-22.  Come ring at a tower where you can see the bells as they ring
from the outside!  Enjoy Cathy Russell's great cooking!  Try ringing
on smaller bells!  I'll organize rides- I'm guessing that most people
will only want to go for Saturday, but if enough people want to drive
down on Friday or back on Sunday I'll see what I can arrange.  It's
about a 3 hour drive from MIT.  Send me an email if you want to go and
need/can provide a ride.
Thanks to everyone being so helpful during IAP with the new learners.
Hopefully several of them will come back again, and we've hooked a few
as well :-)
Ringing Master, Advent

Please thank all of the ringers for accommodating us. This will help
us immensely in our very limited time in the church proper for

I am so grateful.



Mark Dwyer
Organist & Choirmaster
The Church of the Advent