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Bells Lecture at Wellesley College

Jill Johnston will speak at Wellesley College, Wednesday October 22, at 12:30 PM,at Pendelton Well, by invitation of the Wellesley Guild of Carillonneurs.

In 1931, 30 carillon bells, cast by Gillett & Johnston Bellfoundry of Croydon, United Kingdom, were installed in Wellesley's Galen Stone Tower.

The lecture is titled "Does this Ring a Bell? The History of Wellesley's Carillon."  

Jill Johnston is the author of "England's Bells" recently reviewed on the new/preview NAGCR website by Allen Nunley.  To read this review, visit http://numenor.mit.edu/~jsd/nagcr.org/store/englandschild.html