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ringing this friday 10/26 - stipend offered


In the tradition of wedding ringing stipends, we are being given a stipend by the church for this Friday's ringing Lantern-Service style ringing, and we could use a few more ringers. If you can make it, and if $25 for not-that-much time (a bit of ringing at 5 and then some again at 6 - so, getting there by 4:50 and done by 6:30) makes it worthwhile for you, please let me know ASAP.

There will NOT be Old North service ringing this weekend. Please only show up if I have asked you to ring in the quarter. (...or if you would like to sit downstairs and listen, I guess.) If you want to ring in the quarter and you have not signed up, we potentially have a free spot - let me know.

thanks, and have a great rest of the week-
Mish Madsen
Old North Tower Captain