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Re: line-up of ringing events in the near future

Sorry - the wedding is not Friday 10/20, but rather Saturday 10/20. I apologize for any confusion that's caused. Thanks to Amy for pointing it out. :)

Quoting Mish Madsen <mish MIT EDU>:

Hello, everyone!

On Saturday 10/20, practice will start at 11:30, not 11am. If you get
there early, please do not go upstairs until the visiting band is done
with their quarter.

There will be no regular service ringing on 10/28; there will be a
quarter instead. Please do NOT show up at ON on 10/28 if you are not
listed for the quarter below.

Following are the lists of people that I have signed up for 3 upcoming
ringing events. If you are erroneously appearing on or missing from a
list, please let me know now.

1) Wedding Friday 10/20, 6pm:
Mish, Laura, Rosalie, Dianne, Amy, Greg, Danielle.

2) Lantern Service-style ringing on 10/26, at 5pm and 6pm:
Laura, Dianne, Danielle.
(...we could use a few more here, but 3-4 ringers is sufficient.)

3) Quarter Sunday 10/28, 12pm (Grandsire Doubles):
Xiao, Mish, Dianne, Laura, Elaine, Greg.

Have a great rest of the week! More than halfway there. :)
- Mish Madsen
Old North Tower Captain

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