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A favor?

A friend of ours (he doesn't know it yet, but I think he's a potential
ringer!) will be visiting Boston next week, but sadly won't be there
on a Saturday or Sunday. However, he'd be most interested in getting
to go up and see the bells and top of the tower at Old North. Is there
any chance any of the Boston folks might be able to get away during
the day on Thursday or Friday of next week (16 or 17 August) to meet
him and take him up?

I will, of course, also suggest he come along and watch the Advent
practice on Thursday night. I don't know for sure that he'd be
available, but if he is and you folks were to invite him along when
you go for a meal or whatever afterwards, that, too, would be most

Don Morrison <dfm ringing org>, <dfm2 cmu edu>
Felices los felices. (Happy are the happy.)
         -- Jorge Luis Borges, "Fragments from an Apocryphal Gospel"