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non-ringing activities for ringers

The following activities/outings have been suggested. I can start organizing if there's interest. 1) Some sort of sing-along. Karaoke? Hymn books? madrigals? We are dazzling at the Patriotic Sing-along on the 4th of July - let's sing some other songs. 2) Ice cream social. Make-your-own sundaes at someone's house? Designate a weekend day
and all go out for ice cream instead of lunch?
3) Road trip to Kalamazoo via Ithaca. This was Britt's suggestion, on her way out the door. The next scheduled Kalamazoo weekend is November 2-4, and probably April or May after that. Danielle has devised a driving route passing through Ithaca that is only slightly out of the way. 4) A salon afternoon at Laura's house to sort out all the inequities of the ringing world and compose a letter to the Ringing World. 5) Pawsox again? Fast action would be required for this, but the web site seems to have tickets left for some games. Sunday night of Labor Day weekend also includes fireworks after the game!

Laura Dickerson