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Re: A favor?

I could probably do it friday, but I don't have my calendar with me.
I'll check when I get home.


On 8/10/07, Don Morrison <dfm ringing org> wrote:
> A friend of ours (he doesn't know it yet, but I think he's a potential
> ringer!) will be visiting Boston next week, but sadly won't be there
> on a Saturday or Sunday. However, he'd be most interested in getting
> to go up and see the bells and top of the tower at Old North. Is there
> any chance any of the Boston folks might be able to get away during
> the day on Thursday or Friday of next week (16 or 17 August) to meet
> him and take him up?
> I will, of course, also suggest he come along and watch the Advent
> practice on Thursday night. I don't know for sure that he'd be
> available, but if he is and you folks were to invite him along when
> you go for a meal or whatever afterwards, that, too, would be most
> appreciated!
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