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FW: draft party invite

Elaine Hansen, Andy Latto, and Cally Perry invite you to a

                    SUMMER PARTY!

On Saturday, July 14

Come any time after 1PM. Leave anytime before 1AM.

If you can't make it in the afternoon, come for the evening. If you
can't stay in the evening, come for just the afternoon. Or come and stay
all day!

Good things to bring:

Swimsuits and Towels
Food (we'll have a grill going, so grillables are good)
Games (We have a pretty wide selection, but bring any special favorites)
Friends and Family

We'd like to have a rough idea how many people to expect, so please send
email back letting us know if you plan to come. But if you don't RSVP,
and you can make it after all, please come anyway!


By public transportation:

Commuter rail trains leave South Station at 1:05, 2:25, 4:45, 6:45 and
Get off at Sharon. Give us a call and let us know beforehand which train
you are taking ((508)543-8773), and we'll meet you at the train.

By car:

Get on Route 95, either by going South on 128 to exit 12 or South on 93
to exit 1.

(If you're coming down 95 (that is, 128) from the pike (I-90), in order
to stay on 95: Just before exit 13 (University Ave) you will have to
keep right to get onto the exit side of some Jersey barriers.  That will
enable you to take exit 12, 95 South, toward Providence.)

Take exit 8, "Sharon/Mechanic Street/Foxboro"

At the end of the exit ramp, turn right, towards Foxboro. Go straight
through the first traffic light.

In a mile and a half, you will reach a second traffic light, and a large
church on the left. Turn right at the light, onto Chestnut Street.

In about half a mile, you see a road sign that looks like this:

                 | \
                 |  \
             ____|   \

Take the very sharp right indicated by the sign onto Kersey Street.

Take Kersey street to the end (about 1/2 mile).

Turn right on Creighton Avenue. Watch for small children playing in the
street at this corner.

We're at 22 Creighton Avenue, the fifth house on the left. It's a dark
brown wood house, and all you see from the street is the garage.

Questions? Give us a call at (508)543-8773.