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Quarter Peal July 4th, Ringing for Harborfest July 1st

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Hi Ringers,

Before I begin, I'd like to apologize. This notice comes extremely late.

Two things are happening at Old North next week.

First, we need ringers from noon to one for Harborfest on July 1st. This
will be for tourists, and will probably be hunting on four or six, with
the remaining bells covering. It'd also be useful to have at least one
extra person to corral tourists who miss a group. Thus, anyone available
for this event, please email me ASAP. There's a good chance I could use
you regardless of ringing ability.

There's a slight chance this could be a quarter peal. If you're
interested, tell me, and tell me what you'd like to ring.

Second, I've been asked to organize a quarter peal for July 4th. We
usually start at noon and ring 2 or 3 quarters, but this year the church
has scheduled tours after our allotted noon to one slot. Thus, this
would be a single quarter between noon and one. Anyone available and/or
interested, please email me, and tell me what you can ring or would like
to ring.

In either case, please email me even if you're unsure you can make it. I
can check back with you later if we don't have enough people.

Again, my apologies for the lateness of this announcement.

- -Xiao
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