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Re: ringing with FODS; also, reminder - Saturday practice canceled!

Mish Madsen wrote:
Hello, all!

For anyone who might be interested: on the weekend of May 24-27, a group of about eight British ringers who are mostly FODS members will be touring through this area. In addition to participating in the regular Advent practice, this band will also be ringing Quarters at Hingham on the Friday, Groton at 1:00 PM on the Saturday,
This is the same weekend as the Quebec meeting. If some people are going to Quebec and some may be joining the FODS at Groton, plus whatever else might take people
away on Memorial Day weekend, should we start thinking about
cancelling Old North practice on Saturday the 26th? I know that a month's notice is almost unheard of, but in this case it might be possible.

Laura Dickerson