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ringing with FODS; also, reminder - Saturday practice canceled!

Hello, all!

For anyone who might be interested: on the weekend of May 24-27, a group of about eight British ringers who are mostly FODS members will be touring through this area. In addition to participating in the regular Advent practice, this band will also be ringing Quarters at Hingham on the Friday, Groton at 1:00 PM on the Saturday, and Old North for Service Ringing on Sunday. They also hope to schedule a Quarter at the Advent. They invite "local ringers (particularly members / potential members of the FODS)...on any of the ringing." For more information, please contact Philip Goodyer at philipgoodyer dmpuk co uk. [FODS stands for Friends of Dorothy Society, a bellringing society for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered people and their friends.]

Also, just a reminder: there will be NO practice at Old North this Saturday, due to the Brewster/Kent excursions.

See you Sunday!
- Mish Madsen
Old North Tower Captain