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Annual MIT Guild of Bellringers Meeting!

It's that time of year again!
When: Monday 30 April, 7pm
Where: 3-442
Be there!

If you have significant objections to the date/time/place of meeting, 
inform me. I apologize for the short notice.
If you cannot attend and you wish to have a say in anything that is voted 
please designate a proxy and inform me.
If you want something to appear on the agenda, please inform me.

On the agenda (official-looking version coming soon to an inbox near you!):
1. Finances
2. Officer elections (scroll down to last year's minutes to see the list of
electable positions)
3. Other issues that arise

Thanks and I hope to see you there!
~Amy Moore
President, MIT Guild of Bellringers

Last year's minutes
1.  Monetary Issues:
- Deposited $700-750.
- Reimbursed Chet $75 for the ropes chest
- Reimbursed Laura for Ringing World subscription.
- It was decided to allocate the next check from a wedding or whatever
for a donation to the RW and the window fund at ON.

2.  Elections:
-  Amy was reelected President
- Mish was elected Treasurer
- Cally was elected Keeper of Handbells
- James was reelected Steeple Keeper
- Mish was reelected Ringing Master
- Britt was reelected Clapper Correspondent (there was some question
about why there was no Boston Area Report in the most recent Clapper)
- Karl was reelected Director of Tune Ringers
- Chet was reelected Historian

3. Updating webpage -- new officer of webmaster?
- There weren't enough people at the meeting to change the
constitution to make a new officer position
- People still felt like there needed to be someone designated to
update the website
- Mish had volunteered, but was already holding two positions, so Mira
was appointed to update the site
- Keeping a Google Calendar of regularly scheduled and special events
was suggested

4.  Writing a letter to the church -- Need to settle on how much
notice we need, duration, time of ringing:
- Britt was elected as the person to draft a letter
- A suggestion of 2 weeks notice for weddings and special services (ie
Patriot's Day)

5. Tower Cleanup
- Laura was elected to organize (she has already sent out email :D)

6.  Other Issues
- Dues to NAGCR sent in as a group?  -- It was decided to try to
collect from as many people as convenient and if people miss the
deadline, they just send it in on their own (as Hat suggested in her
- Tune Ringers Update:  They lost 7/10 regulars, several others were
too hosed or in Germany (which makes it awfully hard to get to
practice!)  Amy has been running things and is trying to work out
scheduling issues.  She wanted to make it clear that they were not
dead, just in a bad slump.