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FW: Fundraising SOCKS

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I'll be traveling back from Aust in May with spare baggage space if any Boston ringers want to try out a new look in tower fashions and sport some fancy ANZAB socks... become the exotic marvel of new england ringers!   prices below are AUD... about 75 US cents = 1 AUD... I'll even do it with no fx currency fees!
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From: Sue Pacey [mailto:smpacey bigpond net au]
Sent: Monday, March 05, 2007 11:25 AM
Subject: Fundraising SOCKS

Hi All,


Yes, the socks have finally arrived.   Soft, wide topped, padded for peal ringing, breathable across the top of foot, complete with ANZAB Logo.   Huge choice of colours, either black or navy.   Sizes to 14!!!!   Now what more could you want??   Free did you say?   Well, no, sorry.   How about $10 per pair or 6 for $50?   Ideal for jeans or business suits or wear them all on their own for a really great look, start a new fashion.    Available at Adelaide ANZAB or from the writer.  Phone 03  95695796 Business hours, or 03 9523 6226 AH or email.  Postage add $5.  Send those orders in and keep Heidelberg ringers or their tower in the manner to which they have become accustomed.   Left over funds or ongoing sales to ANZAB


Sue Pacey