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Upcoming special ringing

Some announcements about ringing at Advent.

Please come to service ringing this Sunday (Apr 1) - many of our usual
ringers will be out of town.

NO PRACTICE next Thursday, Apr 5 for Maundy Thursday.

Easter Vigil ringing is next Saturday, Apr 7.  Meet at 9:15 pm, and
enter quietly through the library.  Please email me or sign up on the
board at Advent if you can make it- I'd really like to have at least
8!  (sorry for the late notice, it crept up on me)  If people would
like to get dinner beforehand, please email me as well and we can
think of a good place.

Next Surprise practice is Thursday Apr 12.   As well as our usual
methods, a request has been made for Kent TB (not surprise, but hard

There is a Kent/Brewster area meeting on Sat April 21.  This is a
great opportunity to ring different bells, meet new ringers, and get
out of town in the spring weather. Ringing is done at all levels, so
come try rounds on 10!  I can try to arrange rides, as well as
possibly driving some of the distance on Friday night for those of us
who hate waking up early.  I believe a few of us could camp out in New


Tower Captain, Advent