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[Boston-Change-Ringers] A reminder, a question, and a request!

Hello, all - a quick update pertaining to Old North goings-on.

First -
If you can make it early to Old North next Saturday, please come polish the chandeliers. Members from all Church groups will be represented. Polishing will take place at the parish house behind the church starting at 8:30.

Second -
If you ARE planning on being at service ringing on the Saturday after Thanksgiving, 11/25, please let me know so I can get a general headcount and figure out whether practice should take place.

Lastly -
Sunday the 26th (the Sunday after Thanksgiving, two weeks from today) is the Feast of Christ the King. I'd like to ring a quarter peal during service ringing or in the afternoon. If you are available for either time, please let me know!

Thanks very much,
Mish Madsen
Old North Tower Captain