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vague birthday plans

My birthday is November 18th, which is a Saturday. I'm currently planning to bring (as yet unspecified) treats to practice. I'm also planning to go with some non-ringing friends to see the movie "Happy Feet" at the Burlington 10 later that afternoon. There may be time for lunch in between. What I'd like to know is whether any ringers would like to go with us (or meet us) for the movie, and what we could arrange about lunch. We have two cars, so a bunch of people could be ferried from Alewife to the flick after practice. Also, the 350 bus from Alewife goes pretty near to the theater. Oddly enough, the Indian food at the Burlington Mall Food Court is very good (although not cheap all you can eat like some of the places in Central Square) and that might be a possibility. Or we could just do one of the North End lunch things as usual and head out. Or, um, eat concession stand food for lunch, but that seems like a bad idea to me.
Here is info about the movie

The tickets aren't on sale for it at Burlington yet, but when they are I'd like to buy them in advance, because I'm a little worried that if we just show up at a PG movie on a Saturday afternoon it could be sold out. It also will be playing on the IMAX at Jordan's Furniture, but I don't think I need it to be that large. It's not 3D. I'm going more for the sound than the sights, anyway (it's a musical).
Laura Dickerson