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Advent ringing, next two Thursdays

Hi all,

Ringers will be a bit scarce at the next two Thursday Advent practices. Could I have a head count of who will be able to come on the 22nd and the 29th please? So far, it looks like we may have enough folks for the 22nd, but maybe not for the 29th:

Thursday, Dec. 22: YES: me, Dale, Dianne, Greg
 NO: Mira, James, Nancy, Mish, Piers
Thursday, Dec. 29: YES: ?
 NO: me, Dale, Piers, Nancy
 MAYBE: Mira, James

Could we get two of the following folks for at least next Thursday the 
   Cally, Elaine, Amy, Natalia, Laura, Hat, or Rachel?

Thanks! Please let me know by Saturday so that I can let folks know.