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The Cull -- final chapter?

Here's what may be the final collection of stuff I'm trying to find a good home for.

Complicating things is that anything you want must be collected no later than Monday, owing to my moving schedule.

a) China. Twelve place settings (with some extras of many pieces) including
   dinner plates
   salad plates
   soup bowls
   desert plates
   desert bowls
Also includes some serving platters, a gravy boat, and salt and pepper shakers.

The dinner plates, serving platters and gravy boat are by the Irish branch of Noritake, in a pattern called "Brigette." They are white with a silver border. The rest are by an anonymous Japanese maker in a pattern called "Imperial Rose." They are white with a silver border and a single rose in the center. The two patterns were chosen (not by me; by someone presumably with a better sense of style than I have! :-) to go together.

All are in good condition. No cracks, chips or discoloration. However, some of the pieces have been used for years, and no longer have the lustre of brand new china, and a few have slightly faded or worn patterns.

b) Stainless flatware. Lots (I'd estimate 50-75 pieces total), in several different patterns.

c) Brown and tan soup crocks, with lids. The kind that tend to get used for serving individual portions of onion soup and the like, with handles. "Like new" condition. So far I've found two, but I suspect I may find some more later today. In the end I expect the total to be 2, 4 or 8, depending upon how many it turns out I got rid of last time I moved!

d) Glasses. Nothing fancy, plain, straight sides. Three or four different sizes, what remains unbroken from a large set bought years ago. All are sound, but most have that vague cloudiness they get after having been run through the dishwasher hundreds of times. Not sure what the total count is, perhaps about two dozen total, though more of the small ones than the large ones.

e) Nine wicker paper plate holders. These are gizmos you put under flimsy paper plates to make them more rigid and easy to eat off of at parties and the like.

f) Press pot type coffee pot, glass and stainless. I'd reckon it's about a pint. Good condition.

g) Purple ball, sort of beach ball/general play toy, about the size of a basket ball though much lighter.

Don Morrison <dfm mv com>
"We believe that labels are important, but mostly for bottles of
wine."  -- Christo and Jeanne-Claude (from the artists' web site)