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Harry Potter birthday party

   Not HP's birthday - mine.  By coincidence, the US opening day of
"Goblet of Fire" falls on my birthday. As far as I recall, I never had a
movie party when I was a kid, and I've decided to do it now.  There is a
3:30 PM show at the Burlington 10 on Friday the 18th.  If you'd like to
come, let me know, and I'll buy the tickets in advance.  I suspect that
most people reading this are thinking "Are you crazy?  Get to
Burlington?  At a time when I'm at work/in class?" but it's my party and
I'll be inconvenient if I want to.  The 350 bus from Alewife goes to the
Burlington Mall, which is close to the theater, and with notice some
people could be fetched from T stations (probably either Riverside or
Alewife).   Arthur, Florence & I  can't do it that night because we'll
be at Lexington High School watching some of Florence's friends perform
in "Suessical the Musical."  If people want tickets for that, I could
get those too (or instead).  I don't know if the Burlington theater has
a birthday party policy - do you suppose they'll let us bring in party
hats and cupcakes?