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Thanksgiving dinner invitation

Hello all-

John and I are glad we got to see lots of you yesterday. We miss you, and so, with good memories of last year's Thanksgiving gathering (thank you, Dianne!), we hereby invite those of you who don't already have Thanksgiving plans to our house for a potluck Thanksgiving dinner.

Time: 11:30 a.m. to late afternoon, Thanksgiving Day, with plans to eat midday and hang out and graze on leftovers afterwards Place: 46 So. Normandy Avenue, Cambridge (our part of Cambridge has on-street parking, and we can pick carless people up from Alewife. Call 617-868-4130.) Details: Please RSVP soon if you're interested so we coordinate this and cook for the right number. If you like to cook, please volunteer a favorite dish, and if you don't or can't cook, you can bring something else, like bread or beverages, or just bring yourself.