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The cull, part 3

A shorter list of recent finds. However, I've not even started packing the kitchen yet, so who knows what will come to light there....

Anyway, does anyone have any use for any of the following bits of obsolete technology?

- a Polaroid "Spectra System" instant camera, with a couple packs of film.

- an encyclopedia, aged but still in excellent condition. This is the old fashioned kind that's a lot of big books. This one is Collier's, vintage 1967, and comprises 24 volumes.

- a Sony Walkman. The older kind, that plays cassette tapes, not CDs.

Don Morrison <dfm mv com>
"It is hard to work without purposefulness.... It may be that
many people prefer involvement in bad purposes and wicked
creations to aimlessness and boredom in their occupation."
                    -- Jane Jacobs, _The Economy of Cities_