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The cull continues

Some more stuff free to a good home. This probably won't be the end, either.

- A five drawer, metal file cabinet, 58 inches high by 30 inches deep. And, being a file cabinet, about 15 inches wide, of course.

- Panasonic electric pencil sharpener. The plug into the wall, 110V kind.

- A commercial quality three hole punch, with adjustable punchy frotzitses.

- Abut a dozen brand new pads of paper, mostly yellow legal, but a few of graph paper. Hardly of great value, but better used than just recycled I reckon!

- A still shrink-wrapped box of ten 3.5 inch floppies.

- A caller ID box. It's just a little whatzit about 3 inches square that sits on a land line and displays on its screen the caller ID info. The line, of course, has to be configured to supply the caller ID info! It's powered by three AAA batteries. I'm pretty sure it's only useful to someone with a land line, and also a phone old enough not to have caller ID built into it. Seems likely I will just send it a land fill, but thought I'd at least ask if anyone has a use for it first....

And a variety of board games and the like

- A travel Go board. The board (wooden) is only about 10 inches square, with holes where all the lines cross. The "stones" are white and black plastic pegs that fit into the holes.

- A wooden Nine Men's Morris board, with holes in the sides for storing the marbles used as tokens. About eight inches square.

- A game called "Wykersham." It's a wooden board, about fourteen inches square, with sliding rails in it, each of which has scooped out cups into which marbles get placed and something or other is done with them.

- A wooden cribbage board, about eleven inches long.

- Some little something called "Wff and Proof Configurations."

- Some even littler something that is apparently just five dice with card suits and the like on them instead of the usual spots. It apparently is based on Poker hands somehow.

- The British version of Monopoly. This is fairly old and a bit beaten up now, but might appeal to several folks on this list, I'd think!

- The German version of Monopoly.

- Trivial Pursuit. I think it's whatever the standard one is, or was fifteen years ago. It's labeled "Master Game -- Genus Edition," whatever that means. As a bonus he box appears also to contain an attempt to make a North American ringing version -- there are lots of bits of paper with suitable questions for such a thing written on them.

- Pente

- Stratego

- A double set of foam pentominoes

- A funny little puzzle, that seems to be in the spirit of Rubics cube. In this case it's a bunch of flat panels wired together with plastic filiment in such a way that they can cycle around in surprising ways. There's a pattern of ovals on the face, where the goal is to get all the bits to line up again.

- A curiosity, undoubtedly a marketing chatchka, called "Lotus Game: The Official Board Game of Lotus Development Corporation." It's still shrinkwrapped.

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