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Boston Logo "Shirts" -- Order Now

It’s time again to order your Boston Ringers Logo Shirts -- or Tees, Sweaters, Fleeces, Jackets, Vests, Hats, Gloves, Scarves, Blankets, Towels, Coolers, Totes, Briefcases, Ties, Aprons, and, yes, even Anoraks!!

CHOICES: The Boston Ringers logo can be applied in ANY THREAD COLORS to ANY PRODUCT in ANY FABRIC or COLOR offered by Land’s End Business Outfitters. The logo, which graphically expresses our delight in permuting serial elements, could not be included in this message because of size limitations but I will be glad to send it by individual email to anyone who requests it. I have kept notes on which logo thread colors actually looked best on which fabrics and would be glad to advise, just contact me at <dspc comcast net>.

YOUR COSTS: The logo application fee per item will be either $5.50 or $11.00 for most products except fleeces, toweling, and leather. (See explanation below) To this fee will be added the price of the item and a $1 surcharge to cover the cost of the shipping to me. If any items are to be shipped on to other addresses an additional charge of $3.00 per item will be assessed to cover the costs of packaging and mailing.

CATALOGUE: If you want a catalogue and can’t get to Old North or the Advent in the next week to pick one up, you can check out the available items also on the Land’s End Business Outfitters website at <http://www.landsend.com/business>. If all else fails, email me and I will send you a catalog by post.

DEADLINE: Let me know what item(s) you want by name and item number, the color of the item, the size of the item, and the color you want for of each of the four logo threads -- Letters, Wheel, Bell, and Clapper. (Almost any of the colors you see in Land’s End fabrics is available in embroidery thread as well.) The DEADLINE for letting me know and getting me the money is FRIDAY, OCTOBER 14. "Me" is Dianne Cermak, phone: 781-455-6334, post: 34 Glendoon Road, Needham MA 02492

ABOUT THE LOGO APPLICATION FEE: The charge is per item is $5.50 for any items in Fabric Categories where we are ordering six or more in total at any one time. For any Fabric Categories where we order five or fewer items the Logo Application Fee doubles to $11. (For fleeces, etc. the comparable figures are $8.10 and $16.20.) Fabric Categories K & W include most of usual, as well as the cheapest, stuff so you might look there first to see if you can find what you like. (The fabric category is indicated by a letter encased in a colored square at the first appearance of each item name in the catalogue and near the end of each item description on the website.) Note: They still offer an $8 Tee!