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Quarter Peal Fortnight

Don roped me into organizing Boston's part in the North American Guild 
Peal Fortnight. The premise behind this event is that every tower and 
group in North America rings a quarter peal (or more) during a fortnight, 
hopefully achieve some goals that the band sets for itself. The event is 
organized by Sara Miller, assisted by Mike Schulte and our very own Don.

For our part, Don suggests that we ring at both towers and try to include 
many people as possible. As you've probably guessed, this event will 
entail us
ringing (hopefully) lots of quarters.

So. The North American Guild Quarter Peal Fortnight will take place from 
1st to the 16th. Here's what I need from you lot:

1. Availability. Any quarters that take place at Old North will be during
regular service ringing (2nd, 9th, 16th October). At Advent, it will be a
Saturday and/or Sunday afternoon. So let me know what day(s) you can make 
and the maximum number of quarters you are willing to ring.

2. I realize this may be an extremely ignorant question, but please give 
me a
rough idea of what you are capable of ringing, for purposes of band 

3. What would you like to ring? Here's your chance to request to do any 
you want!

4. Any other reasonable goals you can think of that we should try to 

And I think that's it for now, unless someone tells me there's something 


PS: If the handbell group wishes to participate, by all means! Though I 
it's best if somebody other than me organizes it. Do be sure to let me 
know of
any plans that get made so I can drop a line to Ms. Miller.