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Tower Maintenance

We need volunteers for five tower maintenance tasks.  It would be ideal
to have one person agree to take responsibility for each task and one or
two other persons to work with him/her on planning and completing the
work.  We need 10-12 people, so please everyone pick a task and sign on.

The tasks, in order of urgency are these:
1) Brace the ladder from the Ringing Room to the Belfry
2) Make the doorbell reliable
3) Produce and hang two very large permanent signs in the Anteroom,
approximately reading thusly --
    (a) WARNING -- Enter at your own risk.  Do not touch the ropes!
    (b) Sh-h-h!  Quiet when bells are ringing. (On Sundays, be very
quiet during services.)
4) Repair/replace the window in the Anteroom.  (It is rotting and
lets in too much cold in the winter, not enough air in the summer and is
difficult to handle.)  This may need to be coordinated with the
5) Schedule and take charge of tower clean-up.  In particular need of
attention are extreme grittiness/dustiness of shelves and windowsills;
washing of the blackboard; sorting through and organizing or discarding
the growing pile of non-Clapper/RW papers.

Please let Britt know via email <bhartenb bu edu> within the next week which task you are willing
to work on.  Thank you -- Dianne