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Advent Guild meeting next Thursday

A couple of things to think about ahead of time, and an agenda.

1) Please think about any new members you'd like to propose, and check with them to make sure they'd like to join.

2) Officers. Please think about who you'd like to have fill the relevant offices. As I think most of you know I'm stepping down as Ringing Master since I'm moving to Pittsburgh sometime in the next few months. I'm checking with the incumbents of the other offices to see if they remain interested in running for reelection, but that shouldn't stop folks from nominating others. The offices currently are Ringing Master, Secretary/Treasurer, Steeple Keeper, Archivist and Area Rep (the last shared with Old North).

3) A suggestion has been made that we fetch a couple of pizzas, probably from Nino's, to munch on during the meeting. We'll take a head count at the beginning of practice to see how many we need. If you will be at the meeting, want to eat pizza, but don't expect to be on time to practice, please let Dianne know so we can count you when we're figuring out how many pizzas to buy.

4) Rather than waste time with pro forma officers' reports I've asked the officers, if they have anything to say, to please put it in writing and email it to folks ahead of time. We can than discussion/question as necessary at the meeting, but don't have to spend the time having people give the reports orally.

5) Ringing Master's Report: I have nothing to report other than (a) we're still ringing pretty much as normal; and (b) I'm leaving, and will seriously miss you all!


Thursday, 22 September, 8:15pm, Advent Library

A. Questions about Officers' Reports if any.

B. Election of New Members
* This is also usually the point where we try to collect dues from everyone :-)

C. Fill Offices
1. Discussion -- I believe there will be a proposal to divide the Ringing Master job into two pieces, one called RM and the other Tower Captain; the former more involved in running the actual ringing sessions, and the latter more involved in stuff like liaising with the church and the rest
                 of the world.
2. Nominations
3. Election

D. (Quick) Old Business
1. Adoption of Liability Waiver Forms
2. "Shirt" Announcement

E. Proposed New Uses of Funds
1. Focused Workshops Near Term – teaching, conducting, belfry maintenance, striking
2. Travel Grants – especially for conducting and belfry maintenance
3. Complete Peal Boards

F.  Schedule Other Meetings
1. Tower Clean-up
2. Promotional Efforts
3. Matters not completed at this meeting.


Don Morrison <dfm mv com>
"A pig's gotta fly."  -- Hayao Miyazaki, _Porco Rosso_