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Advent Guild Secretary/Treasurer's Report 2005

Key Points from the Secretary/Treasurer Post for the 9/04-9/05 Guild year:

Minutes: The minutes of last year's annual meeting are attached as a text only file. (Anyone who would like to have it as a Word document, let me know.) If there are any questions about this, please contact me before the meeting if possible.

Of the 24 members we have currently on our rolls, five paid no dues for 2004 and three have paid no dues in at least three years. Question -- How long should non-dues payers, especially those who do not attend practice or service ringing, be kept on our rolls? Unresolved from last year is the question of whether key members of the Guild who move away (such as Danielle Morse, Linda Woodford, John Danaher, Oliver Kosut, and Don Morrison) should be made Honorary Guild members. As far as I can tell this means that they are copied on messages that go out electronically to Guild members, but they do not pay dues. We will be updating the phone list and the email list at the meeting. If you do not attend the meeting, please send me your current information either by return email or telephone (781-455-6334). We will be starting another round of logo "shirt" orders within the next couple of weeks. The situation is much as it was last time around, but I will get fresh information out in email and hard copy form to everyone.

A summary of our financial transactions and status is attached as a Word document. (It is too heavily formatted to convert successfully to text only.) In short, we have a current balance of $ 2553.17, which is approximately $ 400 less than last year and $ 900 less than the previous year. This decline is due mostly to significantly less income from weddings and funerals as well as from rope fees.

Please let me know if you have questions.  -- Dianne Cermak

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