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Service ringing and practices

We will be a bit short-handed at service ringing (both towers) this Sunday. Please do come if you possibly can. 10:10-ish at Advent and 11:55-ish at Old North.

Note that this Sunday is the walk for hunger so if you drive, you'll need to (a) leave extra time, and (b) plan on parking somewhere other than under the Common, which will be closed.

In my absence this Thursday Elaine will kindly be leading practice, and on Sunday Britt will kindly be looking after Advent service ringing.

A reminder that three of the normal Advent practices will be cancelled in May. There will be no practice on the following Thursdays:

5 May, Ascension Day
19 May, dress rehearsal for the choir concert the following evening
26 May, Corpus Christi

There will be practice as normal on Thursday, 12 May.

Don Morrison <dfm mv com>
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