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Ringing at Groton, Friday Nov. 26th?

Hi all,

Given that a) the Groton ringers would like us to help them learn to ring, 
b) would leven ike to start regular practices, I thought it might be an 
time to have a short practice and maybe 10-bell quarter there over the 
Thanksgiving weekend. Who would be available the Friday after Thanksgiving 
ring at Groton, maybe 1-3pm? We could ring for 2 hours - an hour of 
and then maybe a quarter on 9 (covered) or 10. Since the students would 
be gone over the long weekend, the school would probably not mind this 
ringing during term. We could also invite the students to the practice 
part of 
it, so that they would have a strong band around them to try hunting/Plain 

I haven't asked for the bells yet since I don't know if 10 people are 
available then and interested. Could folks please let me know by Sunday 
if you are interested and I will see about the bells?

Thank you!

bhartenb bu edu