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Birthday Celebration this Sunday

This Sunday, November 21, will be Andy's 46th birthday, and my 50th.
After much quiet reflection on how best to acknowledge the event with
appropriate solemnity and maturity, we have finally decided on laser
tag, bumper cars and video games (an idea appropriated without
permission from Bob Kuhn's 40th.)   You are therefore invited to join us
at the Good Time Emporium on Sunday, November 21, at 2 PM.  There will
be a sign for the MURPHY party or you can ask at the desk to be directed
to meet up and get your tokens. 

We'll play some video games, then meet up for Laser Tag at 3 PM.   

At about 5 PM, there will be bad pizza, appetizers, cake and soda in an
area of the pool hall reserved for us.

Some of you may think our birthday requires square dancing.  Those
persons should feel free to try calling to the bumper cars.

Good Time Emporium
30 Assembly Square Drive
Somerville, MA 02145

There is more about the Good Time Emporium here:

There are directions here:

Please let me know (cally mail com or 508-369-4171) by the end of the
day Wednesday whether you're planning to come so I can give Ray the
Party Guy a clue about how much space and pizza we'll need.  Then come
anyway - he doesn't need that much of a clue.

Please let me know if you need a ride.

The Good Time Emporium is nonsmoking.

Nix on the gifties.  Do bring the kiddies.  (I think you may have to be
48" tall for laser tag).