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   The size extremes of my ringing experience during our recent trip to
These are AVI movies.

  Clay pot bells in Northallerton, Yorkshire:

Ringers as shown: Florence, me, Catherine Davies, Mark Davies, Jennie
Town (double handed), AJ Barnfield, David Town.  AJB is long known as
the author of the poem:
"A shed in every garden
a ring in every shed
a quarter in the  morning
then a peal, and off to bed."

Liverpool Cathedral

  I didn't ask to strap the tenor, but when offered it as a treat for a
visitor, we decided that I couldn't  turn it down.  It was quite easy -
I'm sure the person ringing the tenor would have been fine without a
strapper, but he offered out of the blue to let me be there, so I did
it.  It was the first time that afternoon that I didn't have to in
essence set my bell at every stroke to wait for the tenor to swing

Laura Dickerson