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ringers outing to Ig Nobel Ceremony, Sept 30

Hi all- 

My suggestion for a fun thing to do together on a Thursday night, now that we can't practice, is the Ig Nobel award ceremony on Thursday September 30.  This event occurs annually around the time the real Nobel prizes are announced.  The science humorists who run the Annals of Irreproducible Results give out "Ig Nobel Prizes" for "scientific work that cannot or should not be reproduced."  The winners are usually a mix of real scientists whose work seems silly and people doing silly things who think they're serious.  Some of the winners turn up in person to accept prizes handed out by real Nobel laureates.  The ceremony also features lots of paper airplanes, science humor, and general spoofs of serious awards ceremonies.   I've seen its webcast and am looking forward to seeing it in person. 

I now have information on how to attend, and I picked up tickets for John and myself in a section where there's room for more.  It turns out tickets aren't free, so I didn't just get a bunch.  If you're interested and not likely to get to Harvard Square, I can buy yours for you and you can pay me back.  Here's the details:

7:30 pm, Thursday, September 30 at Sanders Theater in Memorial Hall on the Harvard campus.  T-stop: Harvard.  We could meet at Out of Town News (right at the T) beforehand to walk over--say 7:10?  Or if I can get people's tickets to them in advance--Sunday at Old North?--we can meet up at the theater.

We got the cheaper seats:  $20 for students with ID and $23 for the rest of us.  You can buy tickets from the Harvard Box Office, located in Holyoke Center.  That's the building just back from the plaza behind the Harvard Square T-stop, with a big Au Bon Pain at the front.  The Box Office is open Tuesday-Saturday noon-6.  If you give them my name (Harriet Morgan), they will get you a seat near us--we're in the front row of the balcony in a section with seats left.

If you don't get to Harvard Square, you can call the Harvard Box Office at 617-496-2222 (there's a service charge) or you can tell me, preferably soon while seats next to us are still empty, and I will go across the street on my lunch hour and buy tickets and you can pay me back.  If I get enough requests at handbell practice tonight, I'll plan to pick up a batch of tickets at noon tomorrow.