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Desparate call for help!

Hi everyone,

I'm the tower captain at the two towers in Québec City, Canada, the Cathedral of the Holy Trinity, and St. Matthew's (sometimes referred to as "la Bibliothèque").

On August 29th this year the Cathedral, the first Anglican cathedral built outside the British Isles, is celebrating it's 200th anniversary.

I had been having talks to arrange a band to come from the UK to ring a peal attempt at the Cathedral for that special occasion. Publicity has been done on local television stations, radio, and newspapers. However I have just heard from the person in the UK who was organising it that the band will not becoming after all.

This leaves us with a bit (well, a fairly big one actually) of a problem. We're looking to see if there are any other ringers who might like to come in their place.

The problem is that the Cathedral has no funds at all to help defray any costs. The dean said he could give the visiting band free tickets to the various events (sorry, I know that's not much) associated with the weekend celebrations. This is a very, very small isolated English speaking congregation in a predominately French speaking city.

The only incentive we can offer is that the City has said they will allow a once-only peal attempt at St. Matthew's on Saturday afternoon, August 28th. The City has a standing order that the bells at St. Matthew's are not to be rung to a peal and have made this one time a very special exception. They have repeatedly made the point that this one time is not to be seen as a precedent. If you would like the chance at a peal attempt at St. Matthew's this will be your only chance.

I do know that this is asking a lot and on very short notice. I expect that we will not be able to arrange it but thought that I had nothing to loose in making a public request for interested ringers.

There are no local ringers with the ability to take part in this peal attempt. It would require a band of 8 or more to come.

Please contact me if you are interested in more details.

Email to Quebec Ringers POBox Com

Phone 1-418-948-3358

Hoping to hear from anyone who might be interested.


Douglas Kitson

Quebec Ringers POBox Com